The Insanity Poems

Part One

The First Breakdown

Changing Faces

I started to see similarities

In everyone’s irregularities

The faces of friends’ past

Hit hard like I was on a fast

Some were South American

Others were next of kin

Everything reminded me

Of my upcoming insanity

It’s scary as heck

When you’re up to your neck

In a load of shit

Guarded by an alligator pit.

The Devil Inside

The punch of thoughts

Because my mind was so begot

Because of my devotion

I lost control of my emotions

The girl I loved

Who I believed came from above

Had done me wrong

And I felt like a ding dong.

My obsession

To make her my possession

And visa versa

Was a cursa

Her unbelieveth draw

Meant nothing at all

Because my mind

Was really so unkind

I did my best

To let my mind rest

But my advice to thee

Is to let things be

I finally punched a door

Because of the girl I adored

Who made me crazy

And my mind all hazy

And ruined my reputation

Because of her great temptation

Beauty only lies skin deep

And the horrors you will reap

Because of your infatuation

Over an unreal situation.

Emergency Room

My roommate made me go

Because I was acting like I was on tons of blow

Speaking of nuts

And obsessed with girls’ butts

I scared the hell out of him

And those men call “trim.”

I came off as a stalker

But I was only a talker

I thought it was growing pains

But when it rains

It pours

Hell from the whores.

The Ambulance Ride

I went reluctantly

Only because they made me

I was shocked

Because I believed I was some kind of rock

When I tried to escape

They tugged on this hero’s cape

To let me know

This time I was not passing go

They strapped me down

And took this kid’s party crown.

The Check-In

A black woman checked me in

With the whitest teeth I’d seen within

She spoke with a Caribbean accent

And smelled of a sweet scent

She offered me medicine

To help with my recent sins

As another black patient walked

But he didn’t talk

I listened to him whistle

And it was clear as crystal

His tune was not Dixie

But signaling my mind was playing tricksy.

Later That Night

The male receptionist

Sat behind the desk

I was suspicious of he

That he’d been with my future fiancée

His hair was red like the devil

For that I wanted to rebel

I attacked him from the side

But like the Alabama Crimson Tide

He won the fight

And I spent the night

In the rubber room

Long before they had Zoom

All alone

But fortunate to have no broken bones.

The Blueberry Pie

The first time I was in the hospital

When I was none too hospitable

My mom and stepdad came

With a box of rain

Inside was a blueberry pie

Which was a gift from the sky

They had not given up hope

And that I was just some dumb dope

I spoke the truth

As living proof

That you were unkind

And it troubled my mind.

All I Wanted

It wasn’t all bad in there

One could eat all they could bear

Cigarettes were given free

Which filled me with glee

Plenty of sweet juice for all

Who had the gall

To stuff their face

After their mind had taken an about face.

Discharge Day

I’d finally had enough

No more free stuff

I started talking shit

About being in this pit

Only because I had money

And this institution is crummy

Threaten not to pay

And you’ll be sent on your way.

The Ride Home

I called a taxi

The moment they said I was free

Before I saw the light of day

My old friend Jay

Came by

What a great guy

To see a funny face

After being in a place

Where your sole entertainment was to pace.

Home Again

The moment I broke the door

I hit the refridgera-tor

To grab a beer

To signal no fear

The old Benton

is still here.

Old Country Style

For some reason

Maybe because it was in season

I don’t know why I bothered

But I told your father

I wanted thee

To marry me

He was nice

As sugar and spice

When I deserved to be punched in the mouth

For being such a louse.

Final Sighting

When you came to my mom’s house

I was about as strong as a mouse

There was no reason for alarm

I could do no harm

I was just confused

Who had lit the fuse

That signaled the end

And truly sent me around the bend.

Living Totally Alone

To cope with the last few years

I’d been drinking too many beers

And become such a louse

Mom didn’t want me in her house

So I lived alone

Growing as thin as a bone

Barely able to eat

And no one to greet

Lonesome as hell

Due to Lithium I was a fast as a snail

Laying around all day

Too lazy to even pray.

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