Rubik’s Cube

One of the mostest harderest things (bad grammar intended) for me as a mentally ill writer is the self-inflicted wound of isolation I have hoisted upon my shoulders. Without having worked in an office setting in over ten years, my computer skills are negligent. Just getting to this point of having a website of and along with setting up a business Facebook page has been a journey for me. As a writer, all I want to do is write for my very small audience and read books, short stories, poetry, and articles that will enrich my life and hopefully improve my writing.

I find working on the website and Facebook page stressful, and as you can see very incomplete as there are so many things I don’t know how to do, and frankly don’t want to learn. In fact its stressful, but I suppose rewarding because it gives me a chance to tell my life story both through poetry and prose if anybody cares and undoubtedly in this wonderful world, some people do, even strangers.

I plan to post two or three times a week. Hopefully one of the posts will be a poorly researched article on something about the mental health field that bothers me or maybe even excites me because there is much to be encouraged about. I’ve had a rough go of it the last twenty years by being misdiagnosed, and that’s bad, but if I had been born fifty years earlier, my life would’ve been worse. These articles will be similar to the one I posted a couple days ago on E Counseling, which became the “thing” in the pandemic and is apparently here to stay.


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