365 Days of Halloween

With talk of another mask mandate and school closings, I thought I would point out the obvious. The recent surge in teenage suicide and depression, which is a far larger public health threat than COVID-19.  After all the median age of people dying from COVID is 80 years old (U.S. life expectancy is 78.8). In other words, for every five-year-old who dies of COVID, there is a 155-year-old to balance out the equation. Fact is individuals under the age of 65 are at minimal risk. Yet, I’ve seen high school track athletes forced to wear masks when they compete. That would be like guys competing against girls in high school sports. Oh wait. We already do that too.

You think I’m crazy (which I am) but it’s like a science fiction movie out in the world today that even Alfred Hitchcock couldn’t concoct. No wonder teenage suicide is soaring. Only .16 of the population has died of the dreaded V, but teenagers are not in school and left alone with their hormones in front of a video game playing with their joystick. Acne from having to wear a masks everywhere except when maybe there in a running shower. Not to mention how divided the country is in general.

I don’t have children, but at this rate, during a zero tolerance policy society, I have little doubt my would-be grandchildren will be masked some during my lifetime, and I’m not talking a Batman mask at Halloween.

Thank you, China for making the rest of Earth an eternal freak show. Good work!

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August 6, 2021
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